Why Use Phoenix Raven?

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Ok.. so, I am an ‘expert’ in my field – that being business support recruitment such as:-

  • Administrators

  • Customer services Assistants

  • Receptionists/ Hosts

  • Data Entry assistants

  • Telesales

  • Personal Assistants

  • Legal Secretaries

I have clients that have used me for years and some who are ‘new’ that trust me and my judgement to supply them with the correct staff that they require for their temporary needs. However, some don’t and insist on seeing CVs, conducting telephone interviews, conducting 1st stage interviews, 2nd staff etc etc.

How much do you actually learn from a piece of paper spread across two pages, where the candidate has crammed in as much as they can and tried to make it as ‘generic’ as possible to suit every role they go for…….. Nothing.

How much do you learn from them on their capability of doing the job in question when meeting them for a formal interview where they are incredibly nervous and give you the answers you want to hear or recite the job spec back to you!

  1. Can they do the job? You don’t know…. The piece of paper tells you they can – or gives you an ‘idea’ (they might not though), a formal interview doesn’t show you they can either
  2. Or the piece of paper tells you they can’t do the job…(but they most certainly can! – We know that because we’ve met them, referenced them, vetted them, got to know them etc)
    I do this as my job.my business..my expertise…… to pay my mortgage! I don’t mess around with ‘bums on seats’, I get you what you have asked me for!

So, let's Play a Game

  1. You give me the job spec and person spec of what you need.
  2. I tell you who I have to meet that description and WHY I think that
    You have them straight in to do a trial day! – no formal interviews, lets see what this candidate can do for you!
  3. If they are wrong (they won’t be) – then you PAY NOTHING – I still pay the candidate though! You get bragging rights, a told you so and we go back to your original process.
  4. If they are right.. You don’t get a told you so from me, I don’t get bragging rights – I just get the satisfaction of a happy candidate in their dream role and a happy client who has the staff they wanted!

*All above based on temporary or temporary to permanent staff.

So, what do you think? Do you want to trust me?… You have NOTHING to lose.

I will look forward to hearing from you!

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